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After 136 days, We're Back

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

We are back. Back in the city that gave us hope. Back in the city that now fully holds our hearts and taught us the only true things in life that matter. Back still in search of answers and a path forward. We are back in Boston after 136 days of waiting.

Carter began IST ( on November 4, 2021 to fight his Severe Aplastic Anemia diagnosis. Since the completion of his treatment the end of November, we have been in Atlanta going to clinic 1-2x per week for red blood cell (13x) and platelet (28x) transfusions. He is the strongest and most determined 10 year old I have ever seen. Carter is fighting this fight and his smile has never left his face.

We anticipate a full plan forward after this visit and testing.

Please continue to share Carter’s story. Please consider donating blood via American Red Cross . If you haven’t yet, please register for Be The Match. We still haven’t found a fully matched donor for our beautiful boy. We have; however, found a donor for another patient in need within our nearly 3,000 registrants for the #cure4carter campaign. Carter is helping the world one person at a time.

Please register for Be the Match by texting Cure4Carter to 61474. Registering is quick, easy, a painless mouth swab and at no cost to the donor.

***A plug for my little man*** Carter has started a YouTube page to keep busy since in-person school and sports have been taken away. He is doing so well with technology and would LOVE more followers. (Mom totally gets that Fortnite isn’t for everyone - just give the boy a follow Please, and a HUGE thank you!)

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1 Comment

Aug 16, 2022

My little Carter loves watching others play / talk videogames and even knows about Fortnite ( he will be 5 in Sept. ) so i will totally have him subscribe & HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON but sorry he may not be able to comment much..

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