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[Days -12 and -11] Pray, Wait, Trust

We are completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support we have received in the last two days. We knew leaving our home, and little boys without a return date would be gut-wrenching, but we weren’t prepared for the kindness we would be shown on the way out and upon arrival at the hospital.

We woke yesterday to a yard that had been “carded.” Carter’s smile was ear to ear. Little did we know that on the drive out of our community, we would be greeted by many neighbors, friends, teammates, signs, balloons, and even costumes! What a send-off for our family. Look closely at this photo, and you’ll see a rainbow. A dear friend gave me this sticker two days prior—a small yet powerful gesture. To us, a rainbow signifies hope. We have hope - we will pray, wait and trust.

In bone marrow transplant, the patient receives their “conditioning” during the negative days leading up to transplant day, which is day zero. We arrived on Sunday, which was day -12. We unloaded and settled into our room quickly. Carter received both blood and platelet transfusions to prepare for today. Today, day -11, Carter had his central venous line (CVL) placed. This procedure went well and was uneventful. He is now a bit sore, but nothing a milkshake hasn’t helped. He is the bravest boy we know.

We also had visits from physical therapy, nutrition, and the therapy dog, Aries. We are thankful for Aries already. He is a beautiful golden retriever who reminds us of our Millie.

Tomorrow will begin the ten days of conditioning. They won’t be easy, but Carter is ready to take them like Carter Strong!

You’ve heard it takes a village, and I believe we have the best one. From all corners of this country and overseas, our village is supporting us in all ways possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for lifting us in prayer and support. We feel it all.

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