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Hey Batter, Batter

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

In our family, baseball is by far the most watched and played sport {aside from Florida State Seminoles Football}. Carter started playing tee ball at the age of four and, until now, has never looked back. He has a love and dedication for the game that is unmatched. As his mother, one of my favorite things about watching Carter play is seeing him run the bases. He has had a strategy for it since day one. He is one quick little guy too!

Like any young boy living in metro Atlanta, when he started to learn about MLB, he immediately fell in love with his hometown Atlanta Braves. Over the years, we have been to numerous games back at Turner Field and now at Truist Park. We especially love the Florida State Night games - what is better than all the Florida State fans attending a Braves game? Both teams do the Tomahawk Chop! Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to attend any games this season, as Carter is now battling a rare disease impacting his bone marrow and blood. We have spent months enduring testing and waiting with our doctors to determine a treatment plan for Carter. During the time we have spent with our doctors in Atlanta and in Boston, one thing has remained the same. A bone marrow transplant is the only true cure for bone marrow failure. A search of the world-wide donor database has been conducted and Carter’s brothers have been tested. Carter does NOT have a fully matched donor.

During this time of waiting, Carter celebrated his double digits birthday. A friend of a friend helped to facilitate Carter receiving a very special bat from his all-time favorite player, Freddie Freeman, and it is also signed by Dansby Swanson, Austin Riley and Ozzie Albies - more of his fav Braves! This made his birthday and year! We are asking anyone who loves this game and the Braves like Carter does, to please consider registering for Be The Match. We need YOU to register to donate, if you are between the ages of 18-40. We need YOU to encourage your friends and family to register to donate. We need YOU to help us spread the word. You could be the ONE to help our son, Carter, get back to living his life like a ten year old boy - on the baseball field!

One coach, one player, one team, one fan at a time we can knock this out of the ball park together! YOU could be the ONE to help us hit a home run and find Carter’s fully matched donor. If you are not able to help by registering, PLEASE share this post for Carter. Please consider registering for Be the Match by texting ‘Cure4Carter’ to 61474 or by using the QR code. Registering is quick, easy, painless and at no cost to the donor.

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