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"We're Good to Go"

One year ago, our world fell off its axis. One year ago, we were in the Emergency Department, terrified, and heard, “we believe your son may have Aplastic Anemia.”

It has been one year since we joined this “club.” The club that absolutely no one wants to be in. In many ways, it seems like yesterday; in others, it seems like a lifetime.

Today, we are still incredibly nervous and anxious about our path, but we also feel ready. We have an excellent medical team behind us, the best village of supporters, and our faith to guide us.

Receiving the email above created a wave of emotions. Our donor has been cleared, and we are ready to go.

We invite you to join us and follow along as we document Carter’s bone marrow transplant (BMT) journey. We will post regularly to help us process, cope, journal, and share. Please subscribe to the blog to receive email updates and leave us comments. We genuinely want to hear from you.

Let’s do this BMT - Sunday is go time!

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1 Comment

Tami Stanulus Lee
Tami Stanulus Lee
Aug 12, 2022

Chills run through my body reading "we are good to go". Sending lots of love, prayers and good energy to the Soriano family. 💚💚💚

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